James Sartor


From Huntsville, Alabama, James started playing piano at the age of 18. In 2016, he moved to Eugene for graduate school, and shortly after, recorded the lofty EP and sought out members to form the band.

other associated acts:

elmer elevated

the sincerelys


Justin Alric


From upstate New York, Justin moved to Eugene in 20XX touring with his band Upstate Trio. In his spare time, Justin tracks the threatened Northern Spotted Owl.

other associated acts:

upstate trio


Cam Siegal


After completing a Masters of Jazz Studies at Florida State University, Cam moved to Eugene in [20XX]. An expert in Brazilian and world music, Cam released World Junk in 2015, and can be found regularly playing with jazz and Latin ensembles.

other associated acts:

cam siegal worldtet

Soon after moving to Eugene, James recorded the EP lofty in the loft at his house. It was a commercial success, with hundreds of plays on bandcamp, so he sought out members to form a live band. He soon connected with Justin, and later Cam, after some time with another drummer (Keenan Siminski). Since then, lofty has been bringing the music of 'lofty' to the world - as well as other originals and innovative takes on covers. Check out the EP in the 'music' tab, and the live band in 'videos!'