Installation art pieces made by James Sartor & Justin Kittell (pictured below)


Giant Kaleidoscope w/ Magic Crystal Ball

This installation consists of two parts - a giant kaleidoscope built out of lights and mirrors, and a magic crystal ball that controls the lights inside. The crystal ball can detect proximity, so you don't even have to touch it to control the kaleidoscope!

Xylem Dream - fiber optic tree

Xylem Dream is made up of five thousand strands of fiber optic, which spiraling up a trunk and then unfurl in the form of a tree! The colors change with numerous mesmerizing patterns which highlight structure in both the trunk and the canopy.

Synesthesia Feather & Cloud

These two pieces were created as music visualizers, turning the notes you play into colors with many different effects! They are perfect for a performance or even an interactive setup where people can come up and control them with a piano or other musical instrument.