Foxlight Labs makes large scale and interactive light art, to push the boundaries of perception with lights, music, and mirrors!

James Sartor & Justin Kittell pictured below:


Giant Kaleidoscope w/ Magic Crystal Ball

This installation consists of two parts - a giant kaleidoscope built out of lights and mirrors, and a magic crystal ball that controls the lights inside. The crystal ball can detect proximity, so you don't even have to touch it to control the kaleidoscope! Debuted at PDX SOAK 2022.

Xylem Dream - fiber optic tree

Xylem Dream is made up of ten kilometers of fiber optic, which spiral up a trunk and then unfurl in the form of a tree! The colors change with numerous mesmerizing patterns which highlight structure in both the trunk and the canopy. Debuted at PDX Winter Lights Festival 2022.

Synesthesia Feather & Cloud

These two pieces were created as music visualizers, turning the notes you play into colors with many different effects! They are perfect for a performance or even an interactive setup where people can come up and control them with a piano or other musical instrument. Debuted at Eugene BEAM 2020!

Note: all of our other light art pieces also have synesthesia modes for performances! 🙂

Altered Cumulus


Altered Cumulus consists of 10 glowing clouds strung from an octahedral frame. The clouds are synced together and rotate through an assortment of light modes, sometimes evoking lightning and other times calm skies. Underneath, we create a comfortable space with a rug, pillows, and blankets to hang out and watch the clouds. Debuted at Eugene BEAM 2022.


Microcosm consists of a set of 5 infinity lanterns, in which the glass panels are replaced with partially silvered mirrors to making them infinitely reflective. Inside the lanterns, are various tiny clay people utilizing fires of various forms, emphasizing the ways in which fire adds both meaning and utility to our lives. Microcosm was created as a collaboration with clay artist Kailey Ruiz and debuted at SOAK 2023.

Flowers and Leaves

The Flowers and the Leaves are nature inspired pieces which are created in the shape of a flower and a leaf. They are beautiful on their own but we also sometimes allow them to interface with music, the crystal ball, or in other ways! Debuted at JUMP Illumbriate 2023.